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The Scarlet Dagger (The Red Sector Chronicles, #1)

The Scarlet Dagger  - Krystle Jones Wow! Just, Wow! I just finished reading THE SCARLET DAGGER and am still reeling from the intensity. Ever since Sloane left her twin brother behind during the world wide vampire attack her life has been a nightmare. It took her three years to gain the skills needed to go back into the Red Sector to find him. Only a few hours into her search Sloane is captured and changed. Life in the Red Sector and vampires are not at all what she expected. In between being tortured and assassination attempts she finds friendship and love, but they are keeping secrets and Sloane doesn't know who she can trust.

Every moment is filled with intense action or the anticipation of it and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

I won a free copy of this book from Krystle Jones and Goodreads First Reads.